Saturday, 10 January 2009

Such a purrfect day ..

It's a tidy up evening tonight, and I've been looking through some old folders, blowing the dust off and found a series of sketches I did for an exhibition I had with a friend that supported a local animal charity. These sketches were done from photographs taken by the people who work for the charity - Cats Protection. The thing that hit home for me was the vunrability (scuse speling) that these cats demonstrated. These cats had all been mistreated or abandoned. A big problem here in rural Lincolnshire, that hit home for me. I have a fifteen year old feral cat called Homer, he won't come in the house but happy to be fed on the doorstep or steal from other local cats. Seems he is quite at home next door with his friend Charlie the cat and not adverse to calling in local premises for a warm now and again. (If only Fudge would - but that's another story). In the spirit of great giveaways - for cat lovers only I must add!!! Let me know if you would like one of these sketches and I'll put your name into a hat, if drawn, send it off at the end of January. I'll post each one seperate and you can choose which one you might like - I'll leave it up to you!


Sallyann Mettler said...

Oh my, what beautiful cat peices. I can hardly believe you are willing to part with them. I would love to have any one of them and would be willing to pay postage. I have 3 dear kitties of my own. They are my best friends. Please add my name to the hat.
Sallyann Mettler

Rachel H said...

Nice idea! I'll have to tell Sue - she'd love to see these again. I've not seen them for ages but I remembered them all straight away. What a pity we can't get in touch with all the current owners - I've still got Colin and Lucky staring at me in here. The rest went rather pointlessly to the shop where they're gathering dust in a corner I imagine.

The last one is my favourite - I always thought the photo looked like he was swimming but you managed to make him lie down and chill. :)

Happy memories. x

Sarah Ketelaars said...

that's very generous! i'd love one - am allergic to cats which is a pity as i adore them and would love to have one. My kids are cross with me for not being able to get a cat, so one of your beautiful pictures might be a nice consolation! Happy New Year :)

Jules said...

Oh they're just lovely. The cat in the duvet reminds me of our old recue cat Vinnie, a polydactyl tabby - he came to us in very bad shape - hardly any fur, no teeth, scrawny and full of allergies and had bowed legs to boot! - but the most enormous and knowing eyes. With a bit of effort, he filled out into a healthy, silky-to-the-touch, funny and most affectionate cat. - I was always proud of the way we managed to turn his health around and give him a comfortable last few years.He's sadly gone now - but we still have four other moggs in the house to keep us company. Please add me to your hat!

phthaloblu said...

Absolutely beautiful paintings! Our cat, Toby, was a feral born. His mama showed up on our doorstep one night with 3 kittens. We found mama a home with a very nice girl and her room mate. The other two kittens disappeared and we thought coyotes or hawks had grabbed them. Toby was the only one that stayed and my son talked his dad into letting him have him and he has taken great care of him. I have seen the other two around, so they are still alive. And Toby has adjusted to domesticated life quite willingly. I would love to have one of these, they are so gorgeous. Please add my name to the list. I'll pay for my own postage, too.

lyn said...

Great blog! Lovely Cats! Put my name in a hat! I'm somewhat cat rescue, we had 14, all feral except 4 manx, spayed and neutered all of them 5 years ago. Have problems with coyotes, all (8 now)cats come into a walk in cage at night except 2 that enjoy the house. Your work is beautiful!
Continued success.

FRANKYE said...

"Duvet" looks like the kitten that just now lay down to sleep in my lap, mostly on the computer to be exact. So, if I had to choose, it would be that one. However, I have had cats of all colors, stripes and spots through the years, so I find all three appealing.

Thank you for offering such lovely paintings to the group. It is a special treat to have a chance to "win" one of them.

Dorothy said...

I am a big kitty lover, we have 5 inside and care for a colony of feral cats as well.
Your cat portraits are incredible, and your art is amazing. I would love to paint/draw/sketch like you when I grow up. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration you share with the blog world. I'd love to own any one of your beautiful cat portraits.


Anonymous said...

The cats are beautiful. We're missing our polydactyl tabby - she looked a lot like Jules' rescue cat Vinnie. She got hit by a car last spring. Our house isn't the same without her.
I really like the second painting - 'thinking'. Please put my name in the hat.
Betty Ann
uhomeschool at

deborah said...

What a wonderful thing to do...I am also a huge cat lover, I have 4, and keep my porch open for a couple strays in the neighborhood, I have a couple boxes with straw in them, and filled food bowls..all are welcomed. I would love to win one of your pictures..

Jules said...

I thought I'd just pop in to say that, although I missed the drawing (drat... the story of my life I'm afraid)... I think that your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. And what a wonderful thing you did to support the animal charity. Cheers to you!

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