Saturday, 25 April 2009

Every day in May

I must have a screw missing ... Like i'm not busy enough as it is!

I blame Karen Blados, I asked Karen how she finds the time to post material as often as she does and she posts a link to a fabulous site French Toast Girl (Elena Nazzaro)
Here's how it works:
Commit to create something every day in the month of May. 31 separate paintings, or take 31 photos, make collages, or write a page of your novel every day.

Yes I am a busy person, but sometimes not busy doing the things I love to do, so a little self indulgence from me...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

And I will walk 500 miles...

... and I will walk 500 more... Just got back from Scotland. A week in a fabulous place (Thank you Hannah and David). 30 feet from the river Leny, window open at night and all you can hear is the water over the rocks, slept like a log but up early for a pee (only so much sound of water can the bladder take). Walked for miles in the forests and mountains, William at the back discovering 'stuff' so it took twice as long as planned. Happy days :-)
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