Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Carholme Road, Lincoln

I got up early one morning, frosty, but a strong low sun. On the road into Lincoln is the old racecourse which has a row of trees running down both sides, I had been meaning to paint this scene for ages and will go back and do this one again, it lacks something ...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

When I get home ...

I'm not sure I have shared this painting... it might look familiar as I used some of it for my site logo. I used bathroom tile adhesive mixed with acylic paint to create a bit of texture, it's not fell off the canvas yet!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Take a man of an impressionable age ...

There is a crescent of fabulous buildings at the front of Lincoln Cathedral, if you approach it from the side you miss out all the newer buidings within your eyeline and it is like walking back in time. Drop a sprinkle of snow and it becomes Dickensian. I went out with friends one night before Christmas, as it began snowing heavily I set off walking up the hill to collect my car. I was passing the floodlit Cathedral as people were coming out from a late carol service. I have never seen anything so festive in my days. It is now March and minus five degrees. Now I'm no sceptic but if we are entering a period of global warming, why am I so bloody cold!!!! Love the snow, also love the sun, more of that please! I was in London the other weekend and called at my favourite art shop and picked up some new pens, a set of Letraset promarkers all varoius shades of cool grey. Had a wonderful time with them in my Moley. I'm going back to get a set of warm orange pens ready for the scorching summer that our political people insist we are contributing to.
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