Saturday, 10 January 2009

I was just a boy when I sat down ...

There is a narrative in this picture that I didn't realise until I finished sketching it. Not the best in terms of technical ability, but then I have little anyway. I like the stories that you can bring to mind when you look at it and it never ceases to make me smile. Feel free to suggest a caption!


Pippa said...

...and still no bus, but I've made friends.


Chortle is the right word, Steve! First I thought the dude on the right was being cut out of the conversation, but then I realized they have just been sitting for a long time, comfortable enough with each other that they can shift positions without fear of umbrage.

Hope you're feeling on top of the world again!

Pippa's Porch

Stephen Hall said...

Hi Pippa - good to hear from you. I'm well but family been stricken down with flu and allsorts, My mother came over for Christmas, spent it in hospital. She's back home now and on the mend. I could have done so many sketches in the hospital ward but it would have been so inappropriate! She threatened me with her stick if I dared post a picture of her while incapacitated!

Anonymous said...

It's fund to make up different narratives depending on which person I focus on.

edgar cabrera said...

I wish I knew the narrative. This is what I think: three old men that get together every afternoon to talk about politics, life, their grandchildren and whatever they can remember. I can see myself doing that. Thinking..."oh I used to have a fat beagle that ate a lot... can't remember his name though...Suzanne what was his name? I really love this drawing! It stirs up thoughts.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yeah yeah, you have no technical ability!!! Like I can talk. Great.

I'm rubbish at captions but the word verificaion for this comment is Grace.

Eleanor said...

Oh what a wonderful blog.

I'd call it
Godot's here...


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