Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Not overly happy with pagan rituals and stuff but we love Halloween in our house, we can be creative and eat lots of sweets - kids love it! (and me :-))


Karen Blados said...

Very cool pumpkin! We're getting ready to carve the Punks' now.

Carolyn A Pappas said...

Cool pumpkin. Halloween has always been a non-event for me. I never had Halloween as a kid (b/c of the pagan references). I did however, have all the candy I could have wanted all year round.

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Wow! That's some pumpkin. Great carving. Ours was a bit more basic, but the girls were still loathe to make him into soup afterwards on the grounds that he had a face. Strangely they didn't express the same concerns regarding the chicken we ate the same night!

Stephen Hall said...

Thanks for all your comments :-)
Karen - my first real attempt other than triangle eyes and a mouth
Carolyn - i felt really sick after all those e numbers!
Sarah - where have you been? Missed your fab photos and i'm popping over to your site to see what you've been up to...
As for me, a tough time all around, poorly Mum and other sad family times... I'll get back up to speed x

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