Monday, 4 May 2009

4/31 - No time to draw ...

... so I drew time instead! William's watch, which is always on the side in the bathroom or on the table or elsewhere. Never on his wrist. I've not had a watch for years and get by somehow. I hate being late for anything and would rather turn up early and wait. I find it less stressful.


Anonymous said...

wonderful time piece

Owen said...

Haven't word a watch in nearly four years now. When I left the ministry I also left time keeping on my write behind. Nice watch.

Pippa said...

Nicely done, Steve ~ & of course the play on words thrills me!

(Absolutely loved seeing Fudge against those rain-blank windows too, WOW!)

& same here: I haven't worn a watch for the last 14 years. That's what cell phones are for, I say.

It's really a challenge finding time to draw in the week, innit? But I'm firmly resolved to actually complete a FULL EDinM this year!

Just keep going!


Stephen Hall said...

Thanks for dropping by - I've been travelling today and got back late. I have hopefully - resolved my problems with the old computer. It was playing up, really slow and then crashing! Now I sketch and post ... I have until midnight!!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


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