Saturday, 2 May 2009

2/31 Burn, baby, burn ...

Just got back from the first ( and maybe the last) BBQ of the season! Kids enjoyed the bouncy castle, wife enjoyed chatting and the one glass of wine, I say one glass, the host kept topping it up. She's now asleep on the sofa. I was the nominated driver, have you ever had barbeque food without beer? Really doesn't work at all. I've done all my jobs today so tomorrow I can start on a canvas, Wey hey!


Owen said...

Happy painting tomorrow then. I'll be in front of one too. Finishing up a gift for our daughter's 17th which happens early next week. Cheers.

Carolyn Ann Pappas said...

Cool napkins and even nicer sketch!

Pippa said...

Wow, that works SO well on the serviette, super cool idea!

Hope wifey gets to be the DD next time. We had our last barbecue for the season yesterday, it's really getting too chilly for that kind of thing now (in the evening, at least, LOL, there's very little to keep South Africans from their national pastime!)

Enjoy painting today!

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