Friday, 15 May 2009

11/31 - Barking at the moon ...

I'm back from my travels and thought I would share some images out of my very personal journal, not usually for sharing but carefully cropped it won't do any harm! It's Fudge the dog again ... It has bi polar tendancies, you never know what you are dealing with!

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Pippa said...

You have a personal journal???

What an honour for us to be allowed a peek into it.

& I laughed about this sketch. Do you know, Steve, it reminds me of the work of Norman Thelwell, whom I adore. Such wit, and freedom of line you express. Are you familiar with his more serious works, not just the ponies?

Please share these personal glimpses more often. Though I do know it takes a huge jump to do just that. Thank you!

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