Friday, 26 December 2008

I got a toy for Christmas!

I have a new scanner - no longer shall I have to scan on my old machine, drop it onto a floppy disk ( yes I know sooo eighties), upload onto new computer and format in photoshop. This is a painting using acrylic paint on a piece of wood that I found.


edgar cabrera said...

Oh my God I can't believe you have a floppy disk! Please offer a tribute to this amazing tool from our generation and draw it! I am sure you will move lots of people! I like Charlie's face here and I am also amazed at how you communicate light!

Stephen Hall said...

Thanks Edgar - good to hear from you. I'll dig the floppy disk out of the bin and see what I can do! Thank you for your kind comments

freebird said...

A floppy disk? I thought only my own husband still used some of them. That new scanner is going to be well enjoyed all this year I think!

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