Thursday, 13 November 2008

Red Arrows rule!

I've just watched a programme on Channel 5 about the Red Arrows. I watch them practice daily in the airspace above the village, they are based about four miles away. Jez Hawker, their leader went into Beth and Williams school to talk about what they do - I have the ultimate respect and awe for what they do. I did this painting for my Father in Law and thought - today is a good day to share it! Apologies for the quality of image, didn't anticipate posting it on a blog!, and a request to Jez, can I come and spend a day sketching in RAF Scampton? How cool would that be?


Margaret Ann said...

How beautiful...I am intriqued by the concept of flight and all things first I thought this to be a photograph..Well done! :)

Rachel H said...

That really does look like a photo! Very topical as well. :-)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow. He must love it.

Anonymous said...

Used to drink in a pub at Little Rissington when the Arrows were based nearby.Sadly, the RAF trains those chaps to resist fluttery eyelashes!
This is a lovely painting.

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